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From Vivek Singhai <>
Subject Compatibility between Client written in Axis1.0 and services wri t ten in Axis 1.1
Date Fri, 31 Dec 2004 11:30:30 GMT
Hi all,
	I've have a web service based on Axis1.1 engine running on Tomcat
Container 5.0.16.
	Our client is based on Axis 1.0. I'm facing lots of compatibility
issues, when I'm using stub-skeleton model to call the webservice.
	I get a run time "String Index out of bounds exception" for calender
objects that are null etc.

Can somebody tell me the problems that can arise when there is difference in
Axis versions of server and client?

Thanks & Regards,
Vivek Singhai
ADP Private Limited 
6-3-1107 & 1108. Raj Bhavan Road 
Hyderabad - 500082, India 
*+91-40-2340-8600 x8728 

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