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From "Mark D. Hansen" <>
Subject SAAJ 1.2 not implemented yet ?!?!
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 19:12:58 GMT
I just wasted a day trying to figure out what was causing a Xalan NPE deep inside my Axis application.
 Since I'm casting MessageElements to org.w3c.dom.Element all the time, I am supposing the
SAAJ 1.2 is implemented.

After posting for help to the Xalan mail list (and wasting the time of some good people who
tried to help me), I decided to take a closer look at what was going on with MessageElement.
 Digging into the source code, I find this:

     * This unimplemented operation is meand to return an attribute as a node
     * @see org.w3c.dom.Element#getAttributeNode(String)
     * @param attrName
     * @return null, always.
     * @todo Fix this for SAAJ 1.2 Implementation. marked as deprecated to warn people
     * it is broken
     * @deprecated this is not implemented
    public Attr getAttributeNode(String attrName) {
        return null;

So SAAJ 1.2 is no longer working!?!  I see that the method is marked as deprecated, but to
have saved myself the lost day of work and aggrevation, I would have had to compile the src
and actually pay attention to the deprecation warnings.

Of course, I should have read the release-notes.html for RC2, so I go there afterward to see
what else I missed.  The only thing about SAAJ that I find is this:

(in bold) "This version has passed the JAX-RPC 1.1 and SAAJ 1.2 TCKs"

I'm sure that is true, but kind of misleading given the state of the getAttributeNode(...)
methods in MessageElement.

I hate to flame like this, because I appreciate what a huge amount of work it is to keep Axis
moving forward.  Also, I'd like to submit a patch to fix this stuff - but I don't understand
the MessageElement class well enough to do that.  So, I guess that I am just frustrated. 
I'd like to keep using Axis, but stuff like this is really getting me down.

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