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From Lewis Sellers <>
Subject Using multiple PKCS12's through Axis 1.1
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2002 08:42:17 GMT
Since I didn't get a response on the normal user list, I thought I'd 
hazard to ask here since if anyone in the world knew ... they most 
likely be right here. :)

To be brief, I'm using Axis 1.1 (Java) to talk to a web service API 
(PayPal's) which simply exchanges data over a normal HTTPS connection -- 
except that in addition communication requires a PKCS12 certificate and 
certificate password. That's not the problem. I have a custom class 
extending and 
communication works just fine (by loading the info from an absolute file 

The issue I'm having with Axis is ... I'm staring at this code and 
wondering how can I pass the certificate file location and certificate 
password for each _customer_ that may want to use this. You see, this 
needs to work in a shared hosting situtation, with possibly hundreds of 
different people on the same servers. Sharing one paypal merchant 
certificate per machine just isn't going to work. :)

My question is then, is this even possible to do through Axis 1.1? 
(Yes/No). And if so could someone give me a helpful nudge as where to 
look? (I'd never even heard of Axis/WSDL, etc, etc until a month ago and 
this has all been a very steep/frustrating learning curve.)


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