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From "Eran Chinthaka" <>
Subject RE: [Axis2][OM] Simpler way to get NameSpace
Date Fri, 10 Dec 2004 05:09:09 GMT
Oh, I think I missed a lot, just being absent for one day. 

BTW : Let me answer the questions, even though I'm bit late. I might have
missed some mails, if yes, please forgive me.

To start with I don't that much understand why Srinath wanna remove
OMNamespace from the API and "Hide" it. Has it committed a crime ?? :)

First I will explain the rationale behind some namespace methods in

	The resolveNamespace(uri, prefix) is there to check whether there
are any namespaces already created with the given info. 
The reason behind having this is that, one can avoid having two namespaces
with same uri and prefix. I think as Sanjiva suggested
resolveNamespace(prefix) should also be there.
But according to what Alek said, I agree that this should be
resolveNamespace(uri). But this means, there can be two (or more) namespace
with different prefixes, but same URI ? Do we wanna allow that ??
	The createNamespace(uri, prefix) - I agree to rename this as
declareNamespace :)

And I agree that OMNamespace must have following methods.
	- String getNamespaceName ()
    	- String getNamespacePrefix ()

The rationale behind OMNamespace extends OMNode is that, we store Namespaces
in the element as a linked list. I agree that this extending from some what
weird OMNode. I think the name is not correct. We want to have
getNextSibling, insertSibling etc., to OMNamespace as well. 
One must agree that OMNamespace *MUST* have getNextSibling, insertSibling

Thoughts and Comments ??

Thankx and regards,
-- Eran Chinthaka

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