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From "Eran Chinthaka" <>
Subject [Axis] OM with attachments
Date Mon, 06 Dec 2004 09:41:32 GMT


Initially we had SOAPMessage mapping to the Document and SOAPEnvelope as the
root element. But I have a small doubt of whether to keep the Document
concept in OM or not.


SOAPMessage is required to keep some info like xml version, encoding, and
MIME attachments.


We will use MTOM to support attachments heavily. And if we can use MTOM to
support MIME attachments, fully, then we can remove Document concept. i.e.
remove SOAPMessage. I think this can be done. So there won't be a need to
have a separate attachments outside to envelope (but href can be there).
MTOM will handle that.  


I already removed the SOAPMessage and engine will get a reference to
SOAPEnvelope, not to the SOAPMessage as earlier. And this SOAPEnvelope has
info about version and encoding.


But the Document concept is there, when we support the full XML infoset. We
do not present this to user only if he is coming through the SOAP specific



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