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From "Eran Chinthaka" <>
Subject [Axis2] OM and Databinding
Date Thu, 02 Dec 2004 06:14:30 GMT


This is what I propose how we can use databinding with OM.


Most of the existing databinding tools can support StAX events (by
converting to SAX - Push events) for marshalling and unmarshalling. 


This is how one can generate StAX events from an OMElement.


OMXMLParserWrapper parserWrapper = new OMStAXBuilder(staxParser);

      StreamingWrapper wrapper = new OMStAXWrapper(parserWrapper,


This wrapper implements the interface, so
that one can generate StAX events to do his tasks. So a databinding tool
like Castor, JAXB or whatever will use this api to unmarshall from OM.



For building OM from generated classes from a data binding tool; 


            OM expects any object which OM can register
org.xml.sax.ContentHandler with that. 


OutObject outObject = new OutObject();





the omContentHandler will build the OM depending on the events it receives.
And OM will defer this building until it receives a request to the contents
of the objects. When OM receives the request only, it starts building.  This
is same as the deferred building we did in IN path also. 



I think IMO, this will help to keep OM independent of the databinding stuff,
except exposing StAX and push interfaces. 





Eran Chinthaka

Lanka Software Foundation


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