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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: how I can configure commons logger in
Date Wed, 01 Dec 2004 22:06:23 GMT

On Wed, 1 Dec 2004 16:39:27 -0500, Pasula, Venugopal (Consultant)
<> wrote:
> Hi Marwan,
>   Thanx for responding my mail. I tried that too but it didn't work.
so what
> I did is I took all the axis source code and changed the references
> commons Log to log4j.Logger class. then it worked out. still I am not
> understanding why it is not working for commons,logging.Log??

That was unneeded. Commons logging hands off to log4j if it is on the
classpath; java1.4 logging if not. So you dont need to alter the axis
code to change logging levels; that is the whole point. 

>     Actually I am doing this debug to figure out one problem. After
> processing some traction succesfully, axis is throwing a '500 Internal
> server error'. that time request is reaching the request handler but
not the
> webservice. is there any limitation in axis to process request for
> amount of transactions?? 

none known

>or is there any bug in axis?? 

There are definitely bugs in axis, but it isnt clear that this is it. 

> I am getting this
> error very freequently(for every 2-3 hours). please let me know if you
> any solution for this problem.

Could be the app server. is it reaching Axis itself? if axis throws a
fault, we go to places in the AxisServlet that you could set breakpoints

Is the fault a soapfault (i.e. contains structured SOAPFault data), or
is it some random HTTP text? The body of the 500 error is probably your
best cue to debugging it.

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