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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject [Axis2][Engine]where to put the pahsed handler rules information in the DD
Date Thu, 04 Nov 2004 09:27:32 GMT
Hi Glen,All; 

I am bit confused with how the rules of the Phased Hadlers
specified/how to resolve them. I refered to our summit wiki and got a
picture but need some clarification.

1) The Phase is virtual place holder for handlers. As Glen has model
in the Toy :) it deserve a class, A special list.
2) "rules" says put this handlers before/after/inside a given phase. 
3) Phases are define in the server.xml file 
<server name="xsd:qname">
        <phase name="xs:anyURI"/>+
4) But as the deployment in the wiki the handlers have the "rules"
about the pahse it belongs to. According to the chat yesterday I think
it is wrong. But where should we put the rules?
<handler/> ::= <handler ref="xs:anyURI" 
        | (name="xs:anyURI" class="...")>
            <order (before="xs:anyURI" after="xs:anyURI") 
                | phase="xs:anyURI"
                   phaseFirst="xs:boolean" phaseLast="xs:boolean"/>
5) Service,Global and Transport are not phases ?.. (if they are we
need to check the service do not define handlers to be at the globel
phase ... and we might need pahses inside phases. )


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