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From "Jeremy Nix" <>
Subject WSDL2Java generating holder classes for non in/out parameter types
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2004 13:52:04 GMT
I attempted posting this in the user mailing lists, but there was no
response.  I was hoping to find some help here.  When I generate my Java
server code using the WSDL2Java utility holder classes are being
generated when I do not want them to.  The parameters are not in/out
parameters.  The methods I'm wanting to define within my service are
simple methods that take input params and returns an out param.  Is
there a known bug in Axis that is causing the holder classes to be
generated, or do I have something defined incorrectly.  Any help would
be much appreciated.

I'm generating my Java objects by running the WSDLtoJava utility (using
the latest/greatest code) against the following WSDL.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> 
<definitions name="Geocode" xmlns=""

<!-- schema imports --> 

<!-- messages --> 
<message name="GeocodeAddressSoapIn"> 
<part name="GeocodeAddressRequest" element="gans:GeocodeAddress" /> 
<message name="GeocodeAddressSoapOut"> 
<part name="GeocodeAddressResponse"
element="gans:GeocodeAddressResponse" /> 

<!-- port types --> 
<portType name="GeocodeSoapPort"> 
<operation name="GeocodeAddress"> 
<documentation>Method for geocoding/standardizing
<input message="tns:GeocodeAddressSoapIn" /> 
<output message="tns:GeocodeAddressSoapOut" /> 

<!-- bindings --> 
<binding name="GeocodeSoapBinding" type="tns:GeocodeSoapPort"> 
<soap:binding style="document"
<operation name="GeocodeAddress"> 
<soap:operation soapAction="GeocodeAddress_V1"/> 
<soap:body use="literal" /> 
<soap:body use="literal" /> 

<!-- service definition --> 
<service name="Geocode"> 
<documentation>Internal application for providing geocode
<port name="Geocode" binding="tns:GeocodeSoapBinding"> 
<soap:address location="https://localhost/webservices/services/Geocode"

For some reason, the skeleton is being generated like this: 

public void
address, com.sfsltd.webservices.geocode.common.TypeMatchOptions
matchOption, com.sfsltd.webservices.geocode.common.TypeDataSource
dataSource, com.sfsltd.webservices.geocode.common.TypeAuth
r geocodeAddressResults, javax.xml.rpc.holders.StringHolder
errorDescription) throws java.rmi.RemoteException
impl.geocodeAddress(address, matchOption, dataSource, authentication,
geocodeAddressResults, errorDescription); 

Where the objects geocodeAddressResults and errorDescription are suppose
to be apart of the complexType GeocodeAddressResponse not in/out
parameters. I can send the full schema/wsdl if necessary. Just wondering
if I'm defining something within my WSDL that is causing AXIS to think
that these params are in/out.

Thanks for any help. 

Jeremy Nix 
Senior Application Developer 
Southwest Financial Services, LTD. 
(513) 621-6699 x1158 

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