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From Glen Daniels <>
Subject RE: [Axis2] Clear up the Wiki
Date Mon, 15 Nov 2004 17:13:53 GMT

Hi Ajith!

> It seems that the wiki for axis 2 has become very 
> un-organized. I am thinking of clearing up the wiki a bit 
> (especially the areas that concern OM) so that wiki readers 
> will not get confused.


> any suggestions ? :)

Split things out into separate pages.  The front page is way too big, for one thing.

Keep the "big picture" section, then split out "Contributors" to a separate page.

"Requirements/Goals" should be another page (sections 1.3-1.5)

Sub-projects (OM, Engine, etc) should each have a link to a separate page (that's where content
that is currently in section 1.7.1
should go for each sub-project), and a list of contributors like it has now.

Keep logistics on the front page, but move IM info to the "Contributors" page.

That enough? :)

> BTW - I think the SVN scratch area badly needs some "upgrading" too

Also +1.  I'm not so much concerned about the structure as I am about how to find things.
 What I'd like to see is a README.txt file
at the top level of the "scratch" area which describes the contents of each sub-directory.
 If you're working on something you'd
like to share, put an entry in that file which describes what it is and where it lives - this
way there'd be one place to go to find
out which of the many "om" directories is the current "state of the art" amongst some group
of people.  Example entry:

gdaniels/EngineToy - initial prototype of AxisEngine, demonstrating
	Phases, stop/start of execution, Handler model, and transports/

What do you think?


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