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From Srinath Perera <>
Subject Re: Wrapped doc/lit WSDL generation
Date Tue, 05 Oct 2004 02:07:29 GMT
Hi Tom;
Just a thought .. I would have use maxOccur="" /minOccurs="" over
nillable (same way u have purposed) as that would be more Schema Like.
(Am not sure wether nillable allowed in doclitral, it is encoding I

Another point 
a) Nillable is   <a></a> / vlaue does not present 
b) minOcuurs="0" mean <a> might does not present at all.  

yes both Map in to the same thing in java. But are they both equivelent.


On Mon, 4 Oct 2004 19:40:58 -0400, Tom Jordahl <> wrote:
> So I am attempting to switch Axis in to wrapped doc/lit mode with the
> thought that my product could be WS-I compliant with its WSDL if I use Axis
> 1.2 and flip the switch from rpc/encoded.
> It mostly works.
> I was thinking about changing the WSDL generation (specifically
> fromJava/ - writeWrappedParameter()) to include the attributes
> minoccurs=0 and maxoccurs=1:
>            // Need to allow for nillable elements
>            if (isNullable(javaType)) {
>                childElem.setAttribute("minOccurs", "0");
>                childElem.setAttribute("maxOccurs", "1");
>            }
> This would allow consumers of my service to omit parameters.  These
> parameters would then get translated in to null values on the server end and
> I could detect that.
> Question: Do you think this is right?
> Should there be a nillable=true attribute here instead?  Is that something
> that you would expect/want to see in a document/literal WSDL?
> WS-I doesn't say much about this one way or another.
> What I *really* want is some way to include the 'omittable' attribute in my
> Java service code, so I can signal to Axis that the WSDL should include this
> parameter as optional (or not).  I can't think of a good way to do this,
> without constructing a service description myself, which I can't do.
> Your thoughts are appreciated.
> --
> Tom Jordahl
> Macromedia Server Development

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