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From "Jongjin Choi" <>
Subject Java artifacts name for Schema Anonymous type
Date Sat, 09 Oct 2004 05:08:37 GMT
Dear all.

In the current version of Axis, the generated java artifacts name for schema anonymous type
begins with underscore.

For example, in the AddressBook.wsdl in the ws-axis/java/test/wsdl/addrNoImplSEI directory,

<xsd:element name="Phone">
           <xsd:element name="areaCode" type="xsd:int"/>
           <xsd:element name="exchange" type="xsd:string"/>
           <xsd:element name="number" type="xsd:string/>

The generated Java artifact for the element's complex type is ''.

This convention may confuse the user because it does not follow general java naming rule.

It would be better if the generated arftifact name is '' instead of ''
in this case.

The JSR-109 introduces the new QName scheme for anonymous type.
Currently Axis makes a Java name from the QName by replacing '>' with '_'.
I think that java name can be derived from the QName 
by using empty string instead of '_' and making the character following '>' as upper case.

For example, the QName and its derived java name should be like these:
QName --> java name

X:>root   --> Root
X:>root>inside --> RootInside   ('I' is also upper case)

If name collision occurs, it will be resolved in the resolveNameClashes() method of JavaGeneratorFactory.

It seems that the JAX-RPC 1.1 is not clear for this. But the SUN's JWSDP works the way I said.

I have fixed this in my local axis copy and now am doing the all-tests. 
I passed all-tests with some modification for generated artifacts name to the test cases for
wsdl (ws-axis/java/test/wsdl/).

I know that it will break existing application using Axis. 
But the change will provide the users with more friendly names, compatibility with other JAX-RPC
and less confusion.

Any thought?

Jongjin Choi

Java Webservices team, Tmax Soft.
company homepage :                   
email : jjchoe at tmax dot co dot kr
        gunsnroz at hotmail dot com
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