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From Aleksander Slominski <>
Subject [AXIS2][OM] character iis and OM API
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 14:52:00 GMT
i think that for SOAP infoset API we can gain lot of "lightweight-ness" by using String directly

instead of Text node wrappers for XmlInfoset Character Information Items?

i think we do not need to retain [parent] property for character ii and as well it is not
needed to 
retain Boolean flag "[element content whitespace] A boolean indicating whether the character
is white 
space appearing within element content (see [XML], 2.10 "White Space Handling"). Note that
XML processors are required to provide this information. If there is no declaration for the
element, or there are multiple declarations, this property has no value for white space characters.
no declaration has been read, but the [all declarations processed] property of the document
item is false (so there may be an unread declaration), then the value of this property is
unknown for 
white space characters. It is always false for characters that are not white space."

when DOM API is required String nodes can easily be converted to Text nodes so there is no
loss in 
functionality just less memory overhead *when* full DOM API is not needed for some parts of
envelope but just XmlInfoset ...

still we can build OM with OMText instead of String that would have [element content whitespace]

property using OM builder configured to do so.




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