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From Toshiyuki Kimura <>
Subject Re: ws-axis/java/docs
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 06:44:28 GMT
On Wed, 20 Oct 2004, Steve Loughran wrote:

> OK. I understand that this will update the site docs. How does this
> feed into the docs that come with the distribution of docs that end
> users see? Are we generating the in-distro docs ws-axis/java/docs
> from the forrest source in ws-axis/iste ? If so, yes, I have gone
> wrong. If not, well, we have a different problem.

   As you may know, our working space - has a lot
of roles as follows;

     a) Main web server for all project websites
     b) CVS root for Apache projects
     c) Subversion WebDAV access for Apache projects
     d) Rsync for mirroring
     e) Anonymous CVS for public CVS access

   I think it's especially important that the role a) as a public
Web server and b) as a CVS repository.  You can find the both of
master data for these two services on the server with ssh loggin.

   (Web server) ------- [/www/]

   (CVS repository) --- [/home/cvs/ws-axis]

   I think there're three key points on this issue.

[Point 1]
   The original sources, which are used to generate the static
  contents by Forrest on the local computer of a committer, are
  stored in minotaur as ws-axis/site, not as ws-axis/java/docs/.
  I mean 'ws-axis/java/docs/' is no longer working as the master.

   Please let me check the update history for the targeted file...

   Uhm, we moved to the current site about 1 year before. But the
  'invalid' content has been had a few updates excepting the last
  one from you. I think that 'ws-axis/java/docs/' module should be
  'read only'. Is it possible and can we agree ?

[Point 2]
   The generated static contents have to be committed to 'ws-site'
  module. For instance, if you're an axis committer, the destination
  should be 'ws-site/target/axis/'. Moreover, please don't forget to
  commit 'ws-axis/site' as the master source of the site.

[Point 3]
   The contents in 'ws-site/target/axis/' will be in sync with the
  site data (i.e. /www/ automatically, there're a few
  delays due to the cron shedule though.

   In any case, we have to import some of changes for the 'invalid'
contents(ws-axis/java/docs/) into the right contents(ws-axis/site).
The target might be under age 1 (year) at;



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