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From Nishant Kumar <>
Subject Re: Axis performance and MessageElement.equals()
Date Thu, 14 Oct 2004 05:29:10 GMT
	this is exactly the second point i have mentioned at

I have also suggested a simple solution for this which will apply for
most of the situations.
this time i am attaching a patch for 
src/org/apache/axis/message/ and

these two patches will solve the problem, most of the time. this will
surely boost performance.
you can have look at these patches to find out what i mean by most of the time.

i will attach these patches in too.


On Thu, 2004-10-14 at 03:21, Steve Green wrote:
> Developers,
> I've been doing some performance profiling and I stumbled into
> MessageElement.equals().  Is there any reason why the equals method
> needs to compare strings?  Can it not just compare the objects?
> The reason I ask is because of because of NodeImpl.  NodeImpl keeps an
> ArrayList of children.  Many of the operations in NodeImpl use
> ArrayList.indexOf() which calls equals().  Isn't it the case that
> removeChild(), insertBefore(), etc... should be looking for a specific
> object, not an object that looks the same?  While we're at it, shouldn't
> removeChild() return after finding the child?  Currently, it continues
> to search for more children that equals() the child to remove.  The DOM
> documents are not clear on this.
> Thank you.
> ~S

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