I am acting as a SOAP server.
A client sends me xml that looks like:
<S:Body id="sb2d9c0fecd31ef4ccd">
<sis:Query xmlns="id-sis-pp:2003-08" xmlns:sis="id-sis-pp:2003-08">
By the time Axis is done with it and me server Axis Handler gets the message, the XML has been changed to look like:
<S:Body id="sb2d9c0fecd31ef4ccd">
<Query xmlns="id-sis-pp:2003-08">
Since this S:Body element is signed, these changes cause all sorts of havoc when I go to validate the signature.  I am using doc:literal on my handler definition in server-config.wsdd.
Why is AXIS changing the document??  How do I stop it from doing that??
There must be some way to tell AXIS "This section is signed - DO NOT MESS WITH IT!"
I would really appreciate anyone's help.
Stuart Jensen