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From Paul Brebner <>
Subject Axis attachments and temporary files
Date Tue, 28 Sep 2004 15:11:35 GMT

I'm trying to do some experiments with Axis Attachments (in conjunction with
GT3.2 as well, which makes matters more confusing).

What I'd like to know is if the following is "normal", and if not, what can
be done about it...

1	Attachments are saved as "temporary" files if they are above a certain
size.  Is there any way to prevent this?  If files are small enough and/or
you've got plenty of memory, you want to do everything in memory if
2	Is it possible to change the size threshold above which attachments
written as files? How/where?
3	I tried changing the configuration file parameter "attachments.Directory"
to /dev/null, but the attachments no longer worked at all.


Paul Brebner
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Dept. of Computer Science,			Fax: +44 20 7387 1397
University College London,			Email:
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