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From Stephen Chi Zhang <>
Subject Strange automatic sorting happening within MessageElement
Date Tue, 21 Sep 2004 02:30:29 GMT
hi all,
I came to web services with axis a few months ago, so not sure if any 
fella has addressed this problem before and had the problem already 
answerd( I have been searching through the axis mail list for clue 
though).  The problem annoying my for quite a few days without any 
breakthrought is,
I have a xsd file defining a request element containing a few sub 
elements in a wanted order, ie.
<element name="SearchAndSelectResponse">
                        <element name="ResponseHeader" 
                        <element name="Basket" type="sba:Basket"/>
                        <element name="PassengerSummary" 
I created a SearchAndSelectResponse object and fully populated it with 
some testing dummy data, then assigned this object into a MessageElement 
pending for being sent via web services.
Surprisingly and saddly, when I open tcpmon to monitor the message flow, 
I saw my message elements have been sorted out in an alphabetical order, ie.
This kind of automatic sorting is not what I want. Rather I do need 
those elements are in the order their associated xsd has defined. Does 
anybody have an idea how and where this sorting happens, and even better 
come with a solution to fix the problem. After all, any comment and 
sympathy is highly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.


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