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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AXIS with JDK 1.5
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2004 16:57:03 GMT
Ias wrote:
> Hi, 
>>We are using AXIS 1.1 and recently moved onto using JDK 1.5 (build
>>When I compile my WSDL2Java generated code there are warnings 
>>about 'enum'. Axis has package org.apache.axis.enum which 
>>conflicts with 'enum' keyword. With strict checking this 
>>would not compile.
> The current Axis 1.2 stream is not compilable with J2SE 5 due to some
> conflicts like what you pointed out. I personally made "Axis for Tiger",
> which is able to be built on Tiger, but it will go to Axis 2. Apart from the
> enum trouble, SAAJ part is also problematic because Tiger's DOM level is 3
> while that of SAAJ 1.2 is 2. Now Sun, who is responsible for maintaining
> SAAJ spec, is considering how to solve the problem. For the present, it's
> hard to predict which kind of form, for example, SAAJ 1.3 maintenance spec
> or SAAJ NG spec is selected for the solution. 
> However, it is interesting that actually you can make a SAAJ 1.2
> implementation support DOM level 3 with spec update, i.e., no SAAJ 1.2 API
> changes. In this case, the problem is that Axis SAAJ implementation will
> have some extra methods that are unnecessary and hence probably unused. 
> Axis developers, what do you think of this issue? Making Axis 1.2 compilable
> by Tiger or put off the job to Axis 2 or any approach else?

we will need to make axis1.x java.5 compatible. I'd assumed it was going 
to be a post1.2 event, but as it looks like Axis1.2 and Java1.5 are 
going to ship simultaneously, we should get it over with now.

The sole use of enum is in the packaging, but that affects every bit of 
code that Axis creates that uses enums. This will force work on all our 
users, but they/we will need to do it at some point if they remain with 
the 1.2 codebase.  So it irritates me, but it is out of our hands. Now, 
if only the java language designers had been smart enough to make all 
C++ reserved worlds reserved for future use in Java, life would have 
been less painful, and we wont have the same problem if/when the 
language adds "unsigned" or "struct", as it will inevitably do..

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