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From "Choi Jongjin" <>
Subject Re: Fw: EWS documentation?
Date Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:00:58 GMT
Dear all.

I added a wiki page for my proposal. 
You can see it  at


>From: 최 종진 <>
>Subject: Re: Fw: EWS documentation?
>Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:32:49 +0900
>Hi, Srinath.
>I posted my idea in Jira. (AXIS-1501).
>It is just a idea currently and it need some changes in Axis code 
>not EWS.
>I'd like you to review my proposal and comment on it.
>I'll post it EWS wiki as you said.
>I think that I can implement the idea in next week or so.
>>From: "Srinath Perera" <>
>>Subject: Re: Fw: EWS documentation?
>>Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 22:26:08 -0400 (EDT)
>> > My interest in ews is (automattic) generation of  jax-rpc 
>>mapping file
>> > After reviewing the ews code 
>>(AxisEmitterBasedJaxRpcMapperContext) for
>> > while,
>> > I found that some enhancement point in generating jax-rpc 
>>mapping file
>> > EWS.
>> > There seems to be no <variable-mapping> support under
>> > <java-xml-type-mapping>.
>> > I think the jax-rpc mapping file generation is the key utility 
>> > implmentations.
>> > It is very error-prone and tedious to make jax-rpc mapping by 
>> > We will need it both top-down (WSDL -> Java, especially J2EE web
>> > requestor)
>> > and bottom-up (Java->WSDL, especially J2EE web service provider) 
>> >
>> > Streamlining this process will, I think, lessen the developer's 
>> > makes the JSR-181 integration with axis/ews/Beehive/JAXB more 
>>If you can fix them pls send a patch I will check them in. If it is 
>>ideas (I know it is not that simple to lookin to somebody else code 
>>:) ) I
>>will try to fix them.
>> > I will file my thought and make a proposal for this in this 
>> > Can you give me a short description(current status, to-dos, your
>> > plan/thought) about it?
>>pls put the thoughts in to
>> EWS wiki. let 
>>us try
>>to create a userguide inside the wiki as well. I am looking foward 
>>giv my
>>thought on ur proposal. (I might take bit time to do it .. but I 

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