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From "Ias ." <>
Subject RE: Going from Text Based XML to a SOAPBody?
Date Sun, 01 Aug 2004 18:08:34 GMT
Please refer to , in 
particular, testImportFromDomToSaaj(Document) in ImportTest. I guess that 
you can do what you want by
XML->DOM->SAAJ just as the method does.

Hoping this may help you,


>From: Marc Boorshtein <>
>Subject: Going from Text Based XML to a SOAPBody?
>Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2004 12:11:13 -0500
>I am working on implementing a document service in which I want to 
>take  text representation of XML and add it to a SOAPBody.  From the 
>looks of  it, it appears that I have to use an XML Parser to go from 
>  XML->SOAPElement in a similar way that I would parse XML into a 
>DOM  Tree.  The only problem is that I can't find this "parsing" 
>class.  I  found SOAPFactory, but it doesn't seem to be a parser.  
>Am I missing  something?
>Marc Boorshtein
>Sr. Software Engineer, Octet String

행운의 주인공이 이번엔 나일꺼야, 진짜루... 인터넷 복권  

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