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From "Glen Daniels" <>
Subject INVITE: Axis 2.0 summit in Sri Lanka (August 21-24)
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 15:12:26 GMT

Hi folks!

Axis 1.2 is almost out the door, and a variety of discussions have been
simmering for the past year or more about how to improve the package,
restructuring, etc.  As such, it's about time to get some people
together and talk about it in detail.

Sanjiva Weerawarana has managed to get some funding to have the LSF guys
do a lot of work on Axis over the next year, so they would like to host
a meeting in a few weeks in Sri Lanka in order to meet face-to-face and
discuss the design and architecture and logistics for Axis 2.0.  (my
best guess right now, incidentally, is that we'll put out a 1.3 this
year, during which we'll fix bugs and deprecate whatever APIs we think
will be undergoing serious revision for 2.0, and then try to release 2.0
within about 12 months)

Dates are August 21-24 (working over a weekend, as this was the only
time dims could do it), and I'm planning to stay on for a little sight
seeing a few days after that.  Confirmed attendees so far are Sanjiva,
the LSF guys (Srinath, etc), dims, and myself.

Some stuff we'll likely cover:

* Extension architecture including WSDL reading/writing plugins, and a
jar model for encapsulating stuff like WS-* in extension "modules"

* Performance issues, encoding redesign

* XML/Java data binding (JaxME/JAXB/XMLBeans)

* WSDL processing ground-up rebuild

* The build/test process, how can it be improved/streamlined

* etc.

If you're a committer or other party with good knowledge of the Axis
source, please consider yourself invited.  Sanjiva can help out with
local accommodations and travel suggestions.  If you are interested,
please let us know!

For those that can't make it, we can set up an IRC channel and take


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