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From Matthieu Cargnelli <>
Subject Re: How can I explain this ?
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 09:29:45 GMT

My problem was still there with axis 1.2 beta binary, so I looked 
further in the class throwing the exception (I should have done it long 
ago, I agree) : my problem might come from the temporary file used, 
because as I replaced, in :

  diskCacheFile ="Axis", ".att",(attdir == 
null) ? null : new File(attdir));


  diskCacheFile ="Axis", ".att");

that is to say, using the default temporary directory, it seems to work.

I just tried this, and I certainly can't say what it will change in the 
program behavior, I'm just pointing out where the problem seems to come 
from. Actually if somebody could indicate me what side effect can arise 
from that modification, I would be gratefull.


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