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From Matthieu Cargnelli <>
Subject Re: How can I explain this ?
Date Tue, 13 Jul 2004 08:14:30 GMT
Nishant Kumar wrote:
> hi,
> 	i don't know if i am pointing in the right direction but somethings
> related to this is not so clear.
> kindly have a look at the 
> public AxisServer getServer(Map environment) throws AxisFault
> method of DefaultAxisServerFactory class.
> firstly AxisEngine.PROP_ATTACHMENT_DIR has been set twice using
> different values.

I havn't seen this in my source... Maybe you modified it before I get 
the CVS

> secondly 
>                 if (!attdirFile.isDirectory()) {
>                     attdirFile.mkdirs();
>                 }
> should have been 
>                 if (!attdirFile.exists()) {
>                     attdirFile.mkdirs();
>                 }

It would make sense, although temporary files generated are, to my 
knowledge, directly in /tmp, which is present on all machines... I made 
the change in the source code. Problem is, I don't know why, but the 
axis.jar generated with the last CVS doesn't answer anymore when I call 
localhost:8080/axis with my browser with the message : the ressource 
isn't available (or is busy, it's translated in french, I don't know the 
exact original message). I'll keep waiting for the beta version, as it 
seems that you made the change in the CVS.

> thanks,
> nishant

Thank *you*


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