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From "Srinath Perera" <>
Subject Re: Hot WS Deployment In Axis
Date Fri, 30 Jul 2004 15:33:27 GMT
Thanks Dims .. I get the dynamic class loading done for axis-geronimo
using ClassUtils. (will send a patch first thing next week).
Steve and Toshi;
I have few thoughts for the hot deployment process .. I am not sure how
easy or hard to implement this on the Axis. Any comments are welcome.

1) We need the Hot Deployment, But do we need remote hot deployment?
2) If we do I prefer what steve said rather that using SwA what do you think

what if we define a hot deployment dir (as Toshi plans) and specify the
name of the module in the server-config.wsdd file as a parameter. The user
who need hot deployment  should create the jar having the class files and
specify the name of the module in server-config.wsdd file.
	<service name="echo" ..>
		<parameter name="module" value="echo.jar"/>
Then at loading the service Axis will search the hot deployment
dir for the module as given in the  wever-config.wsdd file then create a
clessloader and load the class

1) This make sure the loaded class is the one the deployer intended. (not
from some other jar.)
2) If the remote deployment is needed we can front this code to something
to find and copy the module to the hot deployment lib.
3) will the fact that the service is loaded from diff class loader (we can
set the context loader as the parent) will mess up execution somehow. I
belive not .. But I need to check.


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