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From "Srinath Perera" <>
Subject Re: Hot WS Deployment In Axis
Date Sat, 31 Jul 2004 15:53:01 GMT

>> 2) If the remote deployment is needed we can front this code to
>> something
>> to find and copy the module to the hot deployment lib.
> Exactly. If you look at a lot of the job submission stuff in the grid
> world, the front ends fetch your content using umpteen various protocols
> and then stick them in your filesystem, before handing the stuff off to
> the next stage (the next stage being what I am involved in).
> A design like this can be used with a front end attachment based
> protocol if needed, but it doesnt have to be.
yap :)

> Some thoughts
> 1. what if a module is already loaded in a different classloader? Reload?
> 2. what if a module is already loaded in a parent classloader? What if
> we are hosted under JBoss with its own funny logic?
> 3. what if  two services want to dynamically load in a jar file -and
> want to share a classloader , so that they can share instances of the
> classes.
> #3 is why ant's taskdef lets you identify a classloader by name; all
> tasks loaded with the same name share the classloader. Costin (of tomcat
> fame) helped out on there. We really need consultation with him or
> another classloader expert before getting too far into trouble.
> -stee
> One option is to make classloaders
yes .. it is tough let me try to find answers. I am not sure that I can :)

1,2 this works only if we load the webservices only in this way. It is not
much nice to ask people to make the jar's and make this is the only class
loading mechanisum.

and for #3 yes if we need that support it will make a mess  :(


Lanka Sofware Foundation

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