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Subject cvs commit: ws-axis/c/tests/client/fault_mapping/gen_src AxisClientException.h
Date Tue, 06 Jul 2004 08:35:50 GMT
damitha     2004/07/06 01:35:50

  Added:       c/tests/client/fault_mapping/gen_src AxisClientException.h
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  ws-axis/c/tests/client/fault_mapping/gen_src/AxisClientException.h
  Index: AxisClientException.h
   * This file was auto-generated by the Axis C++ Web Service Generator (WSDL2Ws)
   * This file contains an Exception class of the web service.
  #include <string>
  #include <exception>
  #include <axis/server/AxisException.h>
  #include <axis/ISoapFault.h>
  #include "DivByZeroStruct.h"
  #include "OutOfBoundStruct.h"
  #include "SpecialDetailStruct.h"
  using namespace std;
  class AxisClientException: public AxisException
  	AxisClientException(ISoapFault* pFault);
  	AxisClientException(int iExceptionCode);
  	AxisClientException(exception* e);
  	AxisClientException(exception* e, int iExceptionCode);
  	virtual ~AxisClientException() throw();
  	 const char* what() throw();
  	 const int getExceptionCode();
  	 const string getMessage(exception* e);
  	 const string getMessage(int iExceptionCode);
  	 void processException(exception* e);
  	 void processException(ISoapFault* pFault);
  	 void processException(exception* e, int iExceptionCode);
  	 void processException(int iExceptionCode);
  	 string m_sMessage;
  	 int m_iExceptionCode;

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