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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject WSDL of Admin Service
Date Tue, 15 Jun 2004 10:55:06 GMT

I am writing a new admin client as part of the deployment framework I am 
working on (; the goal being to dynamically create 
WSDD files, register and unregister them as needed on axis instances 
running on machines.

As such, I have imported the WSDL of the admin service to create the 
stub code. I know that AdminClient is written to a more pure 'create the 
WSDL ourselves' model, but since this is a clean rewrite, I can opt to 
be different.

To remind everyone, the WSDL is doc/lit, with xsd:anyType the in and out :

  <schema targetNamespace="">
   <element name="AdminService" type="xsd:anyType"/>
   <element name="AdminServiceReturn" type="xsd:anyType"/>

This is the code generated from the WSDL:

public interface Admin extends java.rmi.Remote {
     public java.lang.Object adminService(java.lang.Object part) throws 

My question is this. Is 'Object' the right type? I really want to send a 
DOM each way, or better yet a JDOM, but can do the bridging. If that is 
the case, what should I do? Should the interfaces we generate for 
xsd:anyType really be more xml-ish, especially in doc/lit?


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