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From Abhijit Sharma <>
Subject Problem with DOM / SAAJ interface
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 17:26:48 GMT
I am  using the SAAJ implementation within Axis 1.2 Beta as per the
following code :

	final MessageFactory factory = MessageFactory.newInstance();
	final SOAPMessage message = factory.createMessage();
	final SOAPBody body = message.getSOAPBody();
	final SOAPFactory soapFactory = SOAPFactory.newInstance();
	final Name bodyName = 		soapFactory.createName("GetLastTradePrice",
	final SOAPBodyElement bodyElement = 		body.addChildElement(bodyName);
	final Name name = soapFactory.createName("symbol");
	final SOAPElement symbol = bodyElement.addChildElement(name);
After this piece of code when I try to see the DOM representation of the
SOAPBody it only contains the Body element ( with a serialized form of
<Body/> )

Issue 1. Probing a little bit further the method in 
org.apache.axis.message.SOAPElement addChildElement calls
org.apache.axis.message.SOAPBody.addChild which adds to the bodyElements
vector within the SOAPBody class but does not call
MessageElement.addChild which adds to the children ArrayList of

Issue 2 There is also a problem with the SOAPBody.addBodyElement with
updation of the corresponding DOM children element in MessageElement
class. It also does not add to the bodyElement Vector in SOAPBody. 

Please let me know in case I have missed out something. In case things
are fine then I am attaching a proposed patch for Issue 1.Could you
please review the patches attached.


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