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From "Jarek Gawor" <>
Subject Modifications to SAAJ API impl.
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 18:28:28 GMT

Here are my proposed updates the message/ directory. This mainly solves
problems where SOAPBodyElements and SOAPHeaderElements were stored in two
different lists - MessageElement.children and
SOAPBody.bodyElements/SOAPHeader.headers lists. Because of that and
depending on which API you used it, different information was returned about
the number of headers, children, etc. The proposed changes get rid of the
local SOAPBody.bodyElements/SOAPHeader.headers lists and instead now all
that information is stored in the MessageElement.children list. Also some
changes were made to make things more consistent, added better checking for
null values, and formatting.
Only one API change was made: the MessageElement.getChildren() return type
was changed to 'List' instead of 'ArrayList'. Other notable changes:

MessageElement.setDirty() now propagates dirty setting to its parent. Also,
setDirty() is now called when nodes are removed. 

MessageElement.setParent() is a bit smarter now. It ensures addChild() is
called once if setParent() is called twice with the same parent, it calls
removeChild() on the old parent if parent is different from the current one.

Please review the changes if you can and let me know if I should commit this
(all tests pass for me)


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