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Subject Bad types (int -> class[B)
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 17:18:08 GMT

Axis (version see lower) works fine with WSDL2Java clients, .NET clients
made from wsdl.

But there is client - EAI framework - which can cause strange Axis faults.

In my request there are transferred binary blocks (byte[] - base64Binary).
As said before, java clients and .NET clients are OK, but the third client's
(implementation unknown) causes Axis to fault with Exception:

<value name="faultcode">soapenv:Server.userException</value> 
<value name="faultstring">org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad types (int ->

while receiving and parsing the request with binary blocks 
-- OR --
while generating reply with such binary block (in this case, bussiness logic
is performed and finished well) - it looks like upon the request format the 
Axis goes to the mode that causes the exception during response generation. 

Can it be connected with WS-I conformance ? Problematic are only
requests/responses with binary blocks.

I did not watch the Axis development for a while, so it can be a fixed bug
in later builds.

Did someone met (and better fixed) this problem ?

Thanks in advance.


Axis version:
Name: org/apache/axis
Implementation-Title: Apache Axis
Implementation-Version: 1.1 1021 June 13 2003
Implementation-Vendor: Apache Web Services

Unix, JDK 1.3.

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