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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Axis and DHCP
Date Thu, 13 May 2004 10:38:18 GMT
Tom Vasset wrote:
> I deploy my web services programatically using the AdminClient class:
> String[] opts = {"-p8090"
> ,"-lhttp://"",
> deployFileName};
> new AdminClient().process(opts);
> Why isn't the hostname I give in with the -l option used in the
> org.apache.axis.utils.SessionUtils class? I also tried the -h option,
> but I still get the " dhcp: dhcp"
> exception below. Either Axis does not work with DHCP or this must be a
> bug?
> Tom  

1. we should find and factor out all places we look up our hostname into 
one single place, that way we could flip to the NetworkInterface 
mechanism in the near future.

2. I use DHCP all the time, so there must be other quirkyness. Or you 
are using a bit of the system I don't. The area I find trouble is 
802.11b ad-hoc, but that is a special troublespot all round.

3. With a factoring out of the stuff into one place, we could add in 
reflection to java1.4 interfaces and other thing, and better error handling.

4. If this failure is just in some code to generate unique numbers, 
well, there are better ways to do that too. hostnames arent that random.

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