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From Måns Tånneryd <>
Subject custom name of service implementation class
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 21:45:19 GMT

I'm working on an eclipse plugin for Axis, One of the things I'd really
like to do with the plugin is to export an existing java class as a web
service. This is, in its simplest not very difficult, simply run Java2WSDL
followed by WSDL2Java, or rather the corresponding emitters. The current
Axis implementation has more or less hardcoded names for the generated
implementation class which causes some problems.
My suggestion would be to add another field in the tojava emitter holding a
custom implementation class name and use that, if it exists, in
JavaBindingWriter, JavaDeployWriter and JavaImplWriter. I have made the
appropriate patches and it seems to work just fine.

I have posted an issue at ASF Jira, AXIS-1314 with the suggested code
changes attached.

Best regards,

Måns Tånneryd (or Mans Tanneryd if your email reader/mailserver is an 8bit

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