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From "Ryan Choi" <>
Subject FW: Axis Serialization of Arrays using doc-literal
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2004 04:30:13 GMT
In implementing our service using Axis 1.1, we stumbled upon
out-of-the-box interop issues with .NET. 


In writing a doc-literal service using Axis, array serialization always
specified  the SOAP-ENC:Array declaration of SOAP arrays. We found that
.NET didn't like this, so we wrote a little ArrayOfSerializer class (and
Factory) to output the same array in the .NET-way (minOccurs/maxOccurs).


Along with this code, the developer would need to add an applicable
typeMapping to the server-config.wsdd file to ensure the proper use of
this serializer on the desired array types.


  <typeMapping deserializer="" encodingStyle="" qname="ns8:ArrayOfId"
type="java:xxx.ID[]" xmlns:ns8=""/>


Attached is the code. Please tell me if it is of use to the Axis 1.2




Ryan Choi

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