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From "Ias" <>
Subject RE: JAXB vs Axis generated classes
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 04:45:23 GMT
> Guys,
> I have some questions regarding JAXB and Axis.
> 1. What are the benefits of using Axis generated classes as 
> against using standard like JAXB?
> 2. Will JAXB generation be included as part of the next 
> version of JAX-RPC spec?

Yes. See for more details, in
particular, the following:

Due primarily to scheduling concerns, JAX-RPC 1.0 had to define its own data
binding facilities. Now that the JAXB 1.0 technology ( JSR-31) has gone
final, there is no reason to maintain two separate sets of XML mapping rules
in the Java(TM) platform. Hence we anticipate that JAX-RPC 2.0 will strongly
align with JAXB, effectively delegating to the JAXB 2.0 specification
(developed in parallel with the present one) all data binding-related
tasks.We expect the expert groups for JAX-RPC 2.0 and JAXB 2.0 to work
closely together to ensure that all requirements are taken into account. Of
course, great care will be exercised in order to maintain backward
compatibility with the JAX-RPC 1.1 specification in the area of data
binding, as well as in others.

Thanks for your interest,


Lee, Changshin (Korean name)
Ias (International name)
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