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From "Srikanth Thiagarajan" <>
Subject JAXB vs Axis generated classes
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 18:16:52 GMT
I have some questions regarding JAXB and Axis.

1. What are the benefits of using Axis generated classes as against
using standard like JAXB?
2. Will JAXB generation be included as part of the next version of
JAX-RPC spec?
3. Has anyone tried to compare the performance using Axis generated
classes as against using JAXB?

Now for some more specific questions.

I have got Axis to work with JAXB.
I have a couple of issues( small ones)
1. I have been able to make JAXB write directly to the
SrializationContext by extending SOAPBodyElement.

public class JAXBSoapBodyElement extends SOAPBodyElement {

private Object jaxbObjectTree;

public JAXBSoapBodyElement(Object object) {
jaxbObjectTree = object;

protected void outputImpl(SerializationContext context) throws
Exception {
String wellFormedXml = JAXBMarshaller.toXml(jaxbObjectTree);
wellFormedXml = stripXmlHeader (wellFormedXml);


When I call Call.invoke I create a JAXBBodyElement instead of a
SOAPBodyElement like this
SOAPBodyElement[] input = new SOAPBodyElement[1];
input[0] = new JAXBSoapBodyElement(jaxbObjectTree);

The problem is when I get my response I see that it gets recorded by
the SAX2EventRecorder in MessageElement. Is it possible for to use JAXB
to read from the stream instead of using the using the event recorder
to record to a string and then using jaxb to construct an object tree?

An help with this problem is appreciated

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