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From "Russell, Brian" <>
Subject RE: NTLM Authentication
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2004 13:36:44 GMT
Thanks for the pointer to httpclient Steve. I'll have a play with it,
and post back the results.


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From: Steve Loughran [] 
Sent: 16 March 2004 10:44
Subject: Re: NTLM Authentication

Russell, Brian wrote:

> I posted to the axis-user group recently, enquiring about support 
> within Axis for using proxies that mandate using NTLM. There was no 
> response to my post.
> To give a little bit of background, we have a major customer for whom 
> we have developed a client server application. The requirements were 
> to allow the clients to operate over their corporate internet 
> connection to a remote server. Their security restrictions mandated 
> using http, and port 80 as the external server port to allow access 
> through their firewall. We developed the system using Axis, as this 
> gave us a head start remoting our method calls, and keeping within the

> comms requirements.
> However, when we have gone to install the system, the clients MS proxy

> server is inhibiting the http requests that our Axis client is making,

> because it fails to authenticate with the proxy using NTLM.
> We have done some experimentation using the standard Java class 
>, and with JDK 1.4.2 upwards, this succesfully 
> authenticates with the proxy using NTLM.
> I am therefore trying to understand why the authentication is not 
> happening with Axis. Does axis internally have it's own replacement 
> for the Java URLConnection which is why the support from JDK1.4.2 is 
> not automatically being picked up?
> I have not tried the Axis 1.2 alpha yet. Is it likely that this will 
> support NTLM proxies? If not, how big a job is it to add this support?

> Is it something that I could do (with a reasonably limited 
> understanding of the Axis internals) and then add back to CVS? Is it 
> something that is planned (albeit NTLM is quite out dated, and from 
> what I can gather, not particularily secure)?

I dont think anyone has played with NTLM recently -or been in a position

to test it, more critically. Axis will work with HttpClient from - this may have better NTLM support than java1.4.2, 
which only supports NTLM on windows.

> If I can't use Axis, my other options are to implement custom http 
> request/response message handling, which I would very much like to 
> avoid doing.

no, you dont want to do that :)

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