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From Fred Carter <>
Subject Obtaining http (or other transport) headers
Date Mon, 22 Mar 2004 21:58:22 GMT
Regarding Axis 1.1

When on the server side, I can easily get http headers via the
HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLETREQUEST property, and set response
properties via the HTTPConstants.MC_HTTP_SERVLET_RESPONSE property.
That's OK.

When operating as a client, things are not quite so rosy.  One appears
to set headers via the HTTPConstants.REQUEST_HEADERS property.  However,
I don't see a viable way to find http headers in the response.
Symmetrically, the HTTPConstants.RESPONSE_HEADERS would appear to be the
place to look, but that property isn't set.

Spelunking through the code, HTTPSender.invoke() creates a headers
hashtable & escorts the header collection from header reading through
message reading, eventually snarfing necessary cookies.  But it does not
appear to save the response header hashtable in the message context in a
way that it would be available to the client caller (vile though that
may be!).  (I haven't explored through the Commons... version of things

So, is this a design, oversight, etc.  Naively, 'twould appear that
saving the created hashtable into the messageContext property
HTTPConstants.RESPONSE_HEADERS would be reasonable, and fairly trivial
to do (appears to be a 1-line change).  However, I didn't know enough
about the intent of this property to know if it was the semantically
correct thing.

Thanx in advance...

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