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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: jUDDI Gump build failing
Date Mon, 16 Feb 2004 18:02:19 GMT
Anou Manavalan wrote:
> Dims,
> Looks like the init method has started throwing servlet exception. Our 
> method that calls init method is not coded to handle it, so the code 
> compilation has started failing.
> If we catch that exception or if we throw it again, the users who are 
> using ours will have problem, when they have old Axis.  Do you see what 
> I say ?
> regards,
> -Anou

Anou, I replied to this but got bounced from the juddi dev as I am not a 
subscriber. Here is the salient part of the message again:

init() is part of HttpServlet's public interface, and in that base 
interface the method is listed as throwing a ServletException.

Adding that signature to the API was (a) requested by someone extending 
and (b) fixing something we should have done from the beginning.

I am sorry we broke your code, but the interface says we should be 
throwing it anyway, so now we are, even though the normal Axis 
implementation doesnt actually throw it -only declares its intent to 
throw it.

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