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From "Brook Richan" <>
Subject Re: Axis and XML schema...
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 16:08:02 GMT
Bug 23145, resolved October 2003, implemented generating bean properties
from attributeGroups defined in the XSD. If you are using the latest
source which should include this fix, is there a new problem that needs
to be resolved?

>>> 01/21/04 11:45AM >>>

   I am trying to work with an elaborate XML schema which uses type
derivation, attributeGroup etc in the XML schema language...


    I am using Axis with my WSDL spec to define operations using the
schema types...I find the following problems:

    a) Axis seems to be ignoring valid XML schema constructs like
attributeGroup when generating the  beans

   b) Is Axis well -suited for operations build around an XML schema
types...What is the correct way to leverage both. At present, it looks
like we are using the schema types to generate bean classes and not
any validation.


    Any advice here would help...



Somesh Marepalli 


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