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From Jim Stafford <>
Subject application-specific JMS properties
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 02:44:43 GMT
We ar investigating the use of using AXIS to send SOAP messages over our 
JMS enterprise backbone. The new 1.2alpha version looks pretty close, 
but why was the JMSSender.createSendProperties() method declared 
private? This required our code to copy/paste/modify your version 
instead of a very minor specialization of the JMSSender.

Before we go and basically re-write those sections for our own needs, I 
would like to ask what you thoughts are on the Axis  framework 
supporting application-specific JMS properties? and how we can align 
some thoughts so that changes we make could get placed into the baseline.

It would also be handy to have the stub generator build a stub interface 
that provides the ability to pass in some of these properties on the 
method call. We don't expect our end users to deal with the Call 
interface, but instead use the static stub interface to communicate. 
However, only they can provide the proper values for the 
application-specific properties. Our JMS System spans the global 
anterprise and various routing properties must be supplied in order to 
efficiently broadcast or direct messages to distributed locations and 
have replies make it back; specially when the messages are spanning 
multiple JMS server systems.


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