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From "chris" <>
Subject RE: Using handlers across different services
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 19:13:58 GMT
Abhinav - 

Do the two calls have different method signatures? If so, key off that
detail in your customized session handler.

For example, if the first call must be to login() before update() should
be called, have the handler fault if update() is called with no session
present.  Also, you could bind the session creation to the actual call
to login().

There is another design principle to consider. You may desire to create
a session only if the client was properly authenticated and authorized.
The security handlers could set the isValidated flag in the message
context that is picked up by the session handler.  If no session is
present, AND isValidated is true, create the session.   If the session
is NOT present, AND isValidated is not defined or false, then have the
service fault.


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From: Abhinav Maheshwari [] 
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2004 7:14 AM
Subject: Using handlers across different services

I am trying to maintain session between two calls on an Axis service. It
required that the second call should throw an error if the user does not
have a session, i.e. first call is not made.

I tried to use the SimpleSessionHandler shipped with Axis by using the
following xml in the deploy.wsdd file.

<service name="MyService" provider="java:RPC">
    <handler type="session" />
    <handler type="session" />

The problem with this approach is that the SimpleSessionHandler creates
new session if none exists and does not give an error. So I wrote
handler SessionValidationHandler derived from SimpleSessionHandler. This
handler takes a parameter "validate" and if this parameter is set to
true by

<handler name="sessionValidation"
    <parameter name="SessionHandler.validate" value="true" />

But I cannot set this handler for the entire service since the first
needs to create a new session if none exists. Is there a way in axis to
deploy different handlers for different calls on the web service ?

I did not know of any such way. So I created two services, one
the first method and the another containing the second method. I used
SessionValidationHandler for the first service with no validation and
SessionValidationHandler for the second service with validation set to
This gives a problem because Axis creates two instances of the handlers
the validating instance of the handler does not contain the sessions set
the non-validating instance.

So I used a static hashtable to store the activeSessions. This does the
but does not seem like a good solution. Is there a better way to do it ?
If anyone has encountered the need for using validation for sessions, I
also post the code.
Thanks and regards,

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