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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Re: [FYI] JAXP 1.3 Public Draft
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 09:34:05 GMT
Ias wrote:

> You can download all the useful documentation of JAXP 1.3 public draft from
> .
> Now QName finds where it should belong to, i.e., JAXP API. In addition,
> javax.xml.datatype package is added, and hence we can make use of more
> specific types for a time span and date/time datatypes in W3C XML Schema.
> As I proposed at
> dev&m=106438540515957&w=2 before, we won't need to make our own QName code
> when xml-commons start to provide JAXP 1.3 API set.

Sounds all very good, but I see some time going, before we can depend
on JAXP 1.3. Even worse, it will most probably complicate things as long
as we can realistically expect a mixed environment. I remember very well
the bad times when Xerces was added to JAXP. :-)


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