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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Moving toward Axis 1.2 beta and release
Date Wed, 17 Dec 2003 08:44:28 GMT
Glen Daniels wrote:
> To tell you the truth, I would prefer that we didn't delay the release.
> "Bug fixes" in the 1.2 case include vastly improved document/literal
> support, way faster WSDL processing, more logical type handling, support for
> Servlet 2.3 and session lifecycle events, cleaner code with better JavaDoc
> and fewer dead lines.... and that's not even all.  Seems like enough for a
> release to me.
> I am very concerned that if we hold off we will get into a long cycle of
> delays (as has happened before) which will hold this up until March or
> April, and I'd frankly rather move towards releases earlier and more often
> until we get the bug count down at least into the double digits.
> So I'm not in any way against working on all this stuff (and more besides),
> but I'd like to get 1.2 out in mid-January as planned, and I'd be more than
> happy with a BP-compliant 1.3 in March or so.

This is a tough call. There are enough improvements in the current
codebase to merit a new release. Having WS-I 1.0 compatibility would be
a good selling point, but we dont know how much longer that will take.


-branch the source for the 1.2 release
-work on getting CVS_HEAD into BP-compliance while 1.2 is in beta

consider whether to backport the changes after they are in, or leave
them out till they are more stable.

Speaking of additions, and bearing in mind I had to turn off all email
for a fortnight, where are we with session lifecycles. Last time I
looked the code was there, but the web.xml changes werent in place to
enable it. Is it added or do you want me to xdoclet up a new web.xml file?

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