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From "sanjaya singharage" <>
Subject Re: Axis web site (was RE: Axis 1.2 alpha location?)
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2003 18:22:12 GMT
> How about something like this:
> - Update the XML files in ws-axis/contril/axisdocs
> - Verify your changes by running Forrest and browse the build directory
> - Check in the XML files, and in N minutes the site will be updated.
I also went through the process of updating the site and I too think this
approach would be best. It is a pain when you change the menu and have to
commit all the htmls and pdfs that forrest generates.

> How can we streamline this process?  Can the cron job that copies the site
> regenerate it from the Forrest source?

It looks like and are two different hosts. How
is the copying of the generated files from to
done? It it copied manually or may be through a expect script? However it
should be possible to do the generation on the server itself rather than
committing the generated files?

> Tom Jordahl
> Macromedia Server Development

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