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From Guillaume Sauthier <>
Subject Configuration Refactoring? [was :Re: Why ServletContext in ServletEngineConfigFactories ?]
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 08:46:02 GMT
Hello Steve

I'm wondering something :
You say that a part of an engine configuration should be updated and the
corresponding AxisEngine informed to take care of the update.
The question is : OK, tell the Engine that his configuration has changed
is fairly simple (basic Listener should work for us), but how can I
update a specific EngineCnofiguration object ? 

At this time, they have no names nor referenced apart in the associated

How the user can tell Axis: "I want to update this part of the
Configuration" ?
Have we to make a tool specialized for updating configurations ? This
tool could list the EngineConfiguration used in the JVM and let the user
the ability to update somes.

How do you see this update process ?



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