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From Guillaume Sauthier <>
Subject Re: Why ServletContext in ServletEngineConfigFactories ?
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 16:06:39 GMT

> > Where the merge process should be done? when adding factory or when
> > researching Server/Client Config ?
> > The merge process will consist with the creation of a base
> > EngineConfiguration wich will be fill with other EC result of ECF in the
> > chain ...
> >
> That is what I was trying to describe, though there may be
> implementation problems on the way -because Axis assumes that its
> configuration can be updated, we will need a way of updating some part
> of the chain -and we need to decide who gets those updates...
> >
> > Comments are welcome :)
> >

Some words for a possible implm :

Have a ECRepository storing all EngineConfiguration created with the
Factories and the associated AxisEngine

Have an ECUpdater (Singleton) which will be used to update a specific
 .updateEC(id, ECF)

And all Axis engines will listen to a ConfigChangeEvent launch when the
Updater is called

The problem is how a client will know the id of the EC he want to update

It's just some ideas :) I will have more time on monday for better
explanations :)

Have a good WeekEnd

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