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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Why ServletContext in ServletEngineConfigFactories ?
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 17:49:51 GMT
Guillaume Sauthier wrote:

> What do you mean ?
> ConfigFactories are the only way to get different configuration
> sources.
> For another source, we have to write another ConfigFactories , no? 


>>>And the factory will look too in ServletConfig object for Servlet
>>>specific configuration informations :
>>>axis.ServletConfigFile -> the specific deploy.wsdd file
>>>At the end, when all these files are loaded and used as WSDDDeployment,
>>>they are merged together
>>>servlet -> common -> base
>>>and this final WSDDDeployment element is returned as the
>>>I can implement this and make a patch if you think it's good enough.
>>It sounds good to me. We do need to leave the option of having new
>>config factories (like, LDAP, like a database), and so maybe merge stuff
>>in by having a chain of configuration factories, rather than merging XML
> OK I start with the following :
> a new class for handling chained factories :
> EngineConfigurationFactoryChain wich is an EngineConfigurationFactory
> new method in EngineConfigurationfactoryFinder : newFactory(final
> Object[] obj)
> wich call the orinal new Factory method with each obj of the array.
> -> add the returned ECF in the Chain
> and return the Chain as an EngineConfigurationFactory
> After all, the user can use the Chain as a classic ECF.
> Where the merge process should be done? when adding factory or when
> researching Server/Client Config ?
> The merge process will consist with the creation of a base
> EngineConfiguration wich will be fill with other EC result of ECF in the
> chain ...

That is what I was trying to describe, though there may be 
implementation problems on the way -because Axis assumes that its 
configuration can be updated, we will need a way of updating some part 
of the chain -and we need to decide who gets those updates...
> Comments are welcome :)
> Regards
> Guillaume

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