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From "Kellogg, Richard" <RKell...@MICROS.COM>
Subject RE: Java1.3 (was Re: Axis and NIO)
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 18:32:48 GMT
Java 1.4 does include JAXP (Crimson).  At this point, I think we need to continue to support
JDK 1.3 for at least 1.2 and probably the next release.  We might want to recommend 1.4 though
if the reflection optimization is that much better.  

Will try to do a scan through the code tonight looking for comments related to JDK 1.3/1.4

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From: Steve Loughran []
Sent: Wednesday, October 15, 2003 2:28 PM
Subject: Re: Java1.3 (was Re: Axis and NIO)

Kellogg, Richard wrote:
> Interesting facts:
> JBoss 3.2 and earlier will run on 1.3+ JVMs. JBoss 4.0 requires 1.4+ JVMs
> JRun 4 requires 1.3.1+ JVMs.
> As a result, we will probably be on JDK 1.3 for some time.
> Rick

Jboss4.0 is the first one to use Axis, so that is 1.4 only.

Its a tough call, what minimum version to use for a component that is 
widely used. Ant1.6 is only just abandoning Java1.1 support, by adopting 
   Java1.2, and by keeping the 1.5.x branch alive for a while. We got 
fed up of using reflection for things like weak references, 
File.setLastModified(), etc, etc, and changes to the classloader and 
security model made it hard to fix classloading behaviour.

Java1.4 may not bring enough to the Axis table to merit the move. What 
is new?
-assertions (nice but not critical)
-xml bean serialize
-new logger (commons-logger supports it)
-properties API (it's OK)

I am debating testing on a 1.5 build at some point in time, to see what 

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