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From "Krishnamurthi, Sanjay" <>
Subject RE: New Article on Web Service Styles and Uses
Date Thu, 09 Oct 2003 21:26:48 GMT

  Our organization has decided to use Axis and we would very much like to see better doc/literal
support. I am willing to put in some cycles to fix doc/lit related issues but it would be
helpful to get some guidance from axis dev community before we get started. 

 In particular, does fixing doc/literal require a big architectural change (keeping WSDL meta-data
around) or is it possible to fix some of the issues without radical surgery to Axis.  With
regards to the use of SOAP encoding for arrays issues, what is a good starting point.



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> "First a warning. Our Axis walkthrough will travel down several different avenues \
> towards a document/literal Web service. All will prove dead ends because, while \
> Axis purports to support document/literal, it actually doesn't. So really, this \
> section is merely an academic exercise. The lessons, though, extend beyond Axis."


> "The Axis WSDL2Java's default code-level behavior for document-style binding is to \
> wrap if possible. There is an option, --noWrapped, to turn off wrapping and use an \
> orthodox document binding, but it's not yet implemented."

This is not true. We will turn off all wrapped processing in WSDL2Java if this switch \
is present.

> "Any XML attributes in a complex type are expressed in a returned instance as \
> elements. This is because Axis-and JAX-RPC 1.0-don't support attributes. Check the \
> generated Java classes."

I can believe there are bugs here, but we DO support attributes in complex types.

> "Arrays are expressed as SOAP-encoded arrays, not as multiple-occurring elements, \
> which literal usage requires"

This *really* needs to be fixed.  I know we have (at least) one open bug on this.  \
Anyone have any cycles?


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